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Isabel Evangelisti is a phygital jewelry brand that draws inspiration from the surreal stories of characters and objects linked to interplanetary sites across time and space.

Through the founder's creative vision and personal experiences, the brand celebrates the art of decoration and immortalises magical encounters that shape universal experiences.

The brand is designed by Isabel and co-owned by her partner-in-crime Francesco. All jewels are locally casted and plated in Amsterdam.

More than a brand, IE  is an experimental playground open to multidisciplinary artistic collaborations. Have an exciting idea in mind? We are always open to new projects & initiatives, just drop us a line at

Meet the visionary founders of Isabel Evangelisti, two lovers united by their shared passion for craftsmanship and artifacts. With an unwavering dedication to their craft, they breathe life into exquisite jewelry designs that merge timeless artistry and modern aesthetics. Discover the captivating story behind Isabel Evangelisti as these founders' boundless love inspires each handcrafted masterpiece. Embark on a journey of beauty, passion, and devotion with Isabel Evangelisti.
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