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Our pendants, earrings, and scarf rings are designed with standard dimensions, while our rings offer a wider range of sizes based on the following chart:

Find the perfect fit with our comprehensive size guide image at Isabel Evangelisti. Our size guide provides detailed measurements and instructions to help you choose the ideal size for your jewelry, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience. Whether you're looking for rings, bracelets, or necklaces, our size guide image is your trusted resource to make informed decisions. Explore our size guide today and enjoy a perfect fit with Isabel Evangelisti.


Method 1.

We suggest you to measure a ring you already own and that fits well to determine your ring size. Measure the inner diameter, where the hole is largest. We indicate the ring sizes with the inner diameter. Match your measurement with the correct size. For example, 16mm is a size 16. If you are between sizes, choose the larger size.


Method 2. 

Wrap a measuring tape around the finger you want to measure. Don't wrap it too tight. Convert the inner circumference size into the inner diameter to find out your size. If you are between two sizes, choose the larger size. Round it up according to our chart.

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